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Feelin' Myself: Free Flow

  • 20 US dollars
  • The Milan Method

Service Description

Each session is designed to help you master the fundamentals of pole dancing and develop your unique style through a combination of fluid movements, strength-building exercises, and mind-body connection focusing on three things: Legs: Our leg-focused cues will guide you through a range of graceful and powerful movements, helping you enhance your lower body strength, flexibility, and control. You'll learn how to execute mesmerizing leg extensions, dynamic kicks, sensual floorwork transitions, and beautiful leg climbs, allowing you to flow effortlessly from one move to the next. Arms: Our arm-focused cues will teach you how to create mesmerizing shapes and lines with your upper body, adding an extra layer of elegance and strength to your pole dancing routine. You'll develop the strength and flexibility required to perform stunning spins, graceful pirouettes, and intricate hand grip variations. Embrace your own unique arm movements and learn how to incorporate them seamlessly into your freestyle routines. Floor: The floor-focused cues will introduce you to the art of fluid floorwork, teaching you how to seamlessly transition from pole tricks to sensual movements on the ground. You'll explore sensual crawls, seductive rolls, and mesmerizing transitions that will allow you to create captivating and seamless routines that incorporate both the pole and the floor. Connect with the music, express your emotions, and unleash your inner confidence as you explore the dance floor.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 530 Joseph E Lowery Boulevard Southwest, Atlanta, GA, USA

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